Persian Pleasures: How Iranians relaxed through the centuries food, drink & drugs.

Persian Pleasures: How Iranians relaxed through the centuries food, drink & drugs.
  • Floor, Willem & Hasan Javadi
  • Mage Publishers
  • xv,659p tables & ills.
  • 2019
  • Iran -- Social life and customs -- Food habits -- Coffee drinking -- Iran Pleasure in the form of food, drink or drugs, is the subject of this book, which looks at how their consumption has played a key role in social interaction in Iran for the past 2,500 years and how this has evolved over time, shaped by changes in Iranian society and Persian culture as a whole.00Food has always been about more than just fuel: a meal is a feast for the senses, as well as an occasion to relax and be sociable, aspects that the many foreign travelers to Iran have commented upon over the centuries. One of the opening chapters allows us to see Iranian food and customs through foreign eyes in a fascinating overview of the subject. A further insight into Iranian food from the past is offered by the work of the fifteenth-century Persian poet Boshaq, nicknamed At'ameh/the Gourmet. Long before cooking became a television phenomenon in America, he decided that food made a good subject for poetry and his poems reveal what would have been on the menu for the well-to-do Iranians of his day.



Tarikh-e Jahangosha-yi Naderi (illustrated manuscript of 1757). intro. by Abdolali Adib Barumand

Tarikh-e Jahangosha-yi Naderi (illustrated manuscript of 1757).
  • Mirza Mohammad Mehdi Esterabadi
  • Sorush/Negar
  • 429p+11p(eng) ills.
  • 1991
  • Illumination of books and manuscripts -- Iran -- History -- Nādir Shāh -- 16th-18th centuries -- Sources تاريخ جهانگشاى نادرى : نسخۀ خطى مصور متعلق به 1171 هـ. ق ميرزا محمد مهدى استرآبادى Tārīkh-i jahāngushā-yi Nādirī : nushkah-ʻi khaṭṭī-i muṣavvar mutaʻalliq bih 1171 H.Q. Mīrzā Muḥammad Mahdī Astarābādī ; bā muqaddamah-ʼi ʻAbd al-ʻAlī Adīb Barūmand Reproduces an illuminated manuscript of the work, dated 1757



Tarikh-e Mokhtasar-e Herat dar 'asr-e Taymureyan

Tarikh-e Mokhtasar-e Herat dar 'asr-e Taymureyan
  • Tabibi, 'Abd al-Hakim
  • Hirmand
  • 153p ills. 古書
  • 1368
  • Timurids -- Herat (Afghanistan) -- History تاريخ هرات در عصرتيموريان تأليف عبد الحکيم طبيبى Tārīkh-i (mukhtaṣar-i) Hirāt dar ʻaṣr('ahd)-i Tīmūrīyān taʼlīf-i ʻAbd al-Ḥakīm Ṭabībī ; bā muqaddimah-i Ṃuhammad Sarvar Mawlāyī



Honar-mandan va San'at-garan dar Doureh-ye Taymureyan.

Honar-mandan va San'at-garan dar Doureh-ye Taymureyan.
  • Dastjerdi, Ma'sumeh S. & Vahid 'A. Jushaqani
  • Sazman-e Farhangi Tafrihi-ye Shahrdari-ye Esfahan
  • 200p photos.
  • 1395
  • Art, Iranian -- Timurids -- History -- Biography هنرمندان و صنعتگران در دوره تيموريان معصومه سمائى دستجردى، وحيد عابدين‌پور جوشقانى Hunarmandān va ṣanʻatgarān dar dawrah-i Taymūriyān Maʻṣūmah Samāʼī Dastjirdī, Vaḥīd ʻĀbidīnʹpūr Jūshqānī [Artists and artisans during the Timurid era]



Thawrat al-Zanj wa qa'id-ha 'Ali ibn Muhammad (255-270/869-883).

Thawrat al-Zanj wa qa'id-ha 'Ali ibn Muhammad
  • 'Ulabi, Ahmad
  • Maktabat al-Hayat
  • v(fr),139p 古書
  • 1961
  • ʻAlī ibn Muḥammad, Ṣāḥih al-Zanj, -883 -- Iraq -- History -- Zanj Rebellion, 868-883(/small> ثورة الزنج : وقائدها علي بن محمد، ٢٥٥-٢٧٠ه‍/٨٦٩-٨٨٣م أحمد علبي Thawrat al-zanj : wa-qāʼiduhā ʻAlī ibn Muḥammad, 255-270 H/869-883 M Aḥmad ʻUlabī [Revolte des Zanj et son chef Ali ben Mohamed] Arabic with introduction in French



The Breaking of a Thousand Swords: a history of the Turkish military of Samarra (A.H. 200-275/815-889 C.E.) (SUNY Series in Medieval Middle East History)

The Breaking of a Thousand Swords: a history of the Turkish military of Samarra
  • Gordon, Matthew S.
  • SUNY
  • xx,303p Pap.
  • 2001
  • Oghuz (Turkic people) -- Iraq -- Sāmarrāʾ -- History The Breaking of a Thousand Swords provides a portrait of the Samarran Turks as members of a community with a specific and complex history in the early medieval Islamic world, while in the employ of the 'Abbasid caliphate during the 9th century.



The Transnational Mosque: architecture and historical memory in the contemporary Middle East. (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks)

The Transnational Mosque: architecture and historical memory in the contemporary Middle East.
  • Rizvi, Kishwar
  • U. of North Carolina Press
  • xv,253p photos. Pap.
  • 2020(15)
  • Mosque -- Islamic architecture -- Religious life -- Middle East Drawing on the multifaceted history of the Middle East, K. Rizvi offers a richly illustrated analysis of the role of transnational mosques in the construction of contemporary Muslim identity. As Rizvi explains, transnational mosques are structures built through the support of both government sponsorship and diverse transnational networks. mainly Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran & UAE



Theory and Practice in the Music of the Islamic World: essays in honour of Owen Wright. (SOAS Musicology Series)

Theory and Practice in the Music of the Islamic World:
  • Harris, Rachel & Martin Stokes (ed.)
  • Routledge
  • xxxviii,321p Pap.
  • 2019(18)
  • Ethnomusicology -- Music theory -- Islamic world This volume of original essays is dedicated to Owen Wright in recognition of his formative contribution to the study of music in the Islamic Middle East. Wright’s work, which comprises, at the time of writing, six field-defining volumes and countless articles, has reconfigured the relationship between historical musicology and ethnomusicology.



Late Arabic Scientific Commentaries: their role and their originality. (Lecture Series)

Late Arabic Scientific Commentaries: their role and their originality.
  • Saliba, George
  • Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation
  • 58p
  • 2014
  • Islamic civilization -- Arabic science The book at hand focuses on the importance of scientific commentaries, especially manuscripts on astronomy, authored between the thirteenth and the sixteenth century.



Piety and Patienthood in Medieval Islam. (Routledge Studies in Religion)

Piety and Patienthood in Medieval Islam.
  • Ragab, Ahmed
  • Routledge
  • xi,244p Pap.
  • 2020(18)
  • Suffering -- Diseases -- Medicine, Arab -- Religious aspects -- Islam How did pious medieval Muslims experience health and disease? Rooted in the prophet’s experiences with medicine and healing, Muslim pietistic literature developed cosmologies in which physical suffering and medical interventions interacted with religious obligations and spiritual health. This book traces the development of prophetic medical literature and religious writings around health and disease to give a new perspective on how patienthood was conditioned by the intersection of medicine and Islam.



Fadalat al-Khiwan fî Tayyibat al-Ta'am wa al-Alwan, surah min fann al-tabkh fî al-Andalus wa al-Maghrib fî bidayat 'asr Banî Marin: La cuisine andalou-marocaine au XIIIe siecle. ed. by Muhd. Bin Shaqrun

Fadalat al-Khiwan fî Tayyibat al-Ta'am wa al-Alwan,
  • Ibn Razin al-Tujibi
  • Dar al-Gharb al-Islami
  • 7p(fr)+312p
  • 2012(1984)
  • Arab Cooking -- Morocco -- Spain -- Early works to 1800 فضالة الخوان في طيبات الطعام والألوان : صورة من فن الطبخ في الأندلس والمغرب في بداية عصر بني مرين بن رزين التجيبي ; حققه وقدم له محمد بن شقرون Faḍālaẗ al-khiwān fī ṭayyibāt al-ṭaʿām wa-al-alwān : ṣūraẗ min fann al-ṭabẖ fī al-Andalus wa-al-Maghrib fī bidāyaẗ ʿaṣr Banī Marīn li-Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī ; ḥaqqaqahu wa-qaddama lahu Muḥammad Ibn Shaqrūn [La Cuisine andalou-marocaine au 13e siècle : d'après un manuscrit rare : "Fadālat al-khiwān fi ṭayybāt et-taʿām wa-l-alwān" / d'Ibn Razin at-Tugibi ; texte et introduction, notes et bibliographie spécialisée par Muhammad B. A. Benchekroun]



The World of Islam: faith, people, culture.

The World of Islam: faith, people, culture.
  • Lewis, Bernard (ed.)
  • Thames and Hudson
  • 360p ills. photos. 古書
  • 1976
  • Islamic civilization -- Islamic art -- Islamic empire -- History 490 illustrations, 160 in color, 330 photographs, drawings and maps Ch. 1. The faith and the faithful: the lands and peoples of Islam / Bernard Lewis -- ch. 2. The man-made setting: Islamic art and architecture / Richard Ettinghausen -- ch. 3. Cities and citizens: the growth and culture of urban Islam / Oleg Grabar -- ch. 4. The mystic path: the Sufi tradition / Fritz Meier -- ch. 5. Jewellers without words: the heritage of Islamic literature / Charles Pellat -- ch. 6. The dimension of sound: Islamic music -philosophy, theory and practice / A. Shiloah -- ch. 7. The scientific enterprise: Islamic contributions to the development of science / A.I. Sabra -- ch. 8. Armies of the prophet: strategy, tactics and weapons in Islamic warfare / Edmund Bosworth -- ch. 9. Moorish Spain: the golden age of Cordoba and Granada / Emilio Garcia Gomez -- ch. 10. Land of the lion and the sun: the flowering of Iranian civilization / Roger M. Savory -- ch. 11. The Ottoman Empire: the rise and fall of Turkish domination / Norman Itzkowitz -- ch. 12. Muslim India: from the coming of Islam to independence / S.A.A. Rizvi -- ch. 13. Islam today: problems and prospects of the 19th and 20th centuries / Elie Kedourie



Los Moriscos de Villarrubia de los Ojos (siglos XV-XVIII): historia de una minoria asimilada expulsada y reintegrada.

Los Moriscos de Villarrubia de los Ojos (siglos XV-XVIII):
  • Dadson, Trevor J.
  • Iberoamericana
  • 1328p
  • 2007
  • Moriscos -- Spain -- Inquisition -- Villarrubia de los Ojos -- Social conditions -- History -- sources Los moriscos de Villarrubia de los Ojos (Siglos XV-XVIII) : historia de una minoría asimilada, expulsada y reintegrada/ Trevor J. Dadson [Tiempo emulado. Historia de América y España ; 1]



Kitab al-Hullah al-Siyara'. ed. by Hussain Mones (Dhakha'ir al-'Arab, 58)

Kitab al-Hullah al-Siyara'.
  • Ibn al-Abbar, Muhd. ibn 'Abd Allah (1199-1260 m.)
  • Dar al-Ma'arif
  • 2 vols.
  • 1984-85
  • Islamic Empire -- Arabic poets -- Biography -- Early works to 1800 كتاب الحلة السيراء لأبي عبدالله محمد بن عبدالله بن أبي بكر القضاعي المعروف بإبن الآبار Kitāb al-Ḥullah al-siyarāʼ li-Ibn al-Abbār li-Abī ʻAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn ʻAbd Allāh ibn Abī Bakr al-Quḍāʻī, al-maʻrūf bi-ibn al-Abbār ; ḥaqqaqahu wa-ʻallaqa ḥawāshiyahu Ḥusayn Muʼnis al-juzʼ 1. Yaḍummu tarājim ahl al-miʼāt al-ūlá wa-al-thāniyah wa-al-thālithah wa-al-rābiʻah -- al-juzʼ 2. Wa-yaḍummu tarājim al-miʼāt al-khāmisah wa-al-sādisah wa-al-sābiʻah wa-man lam yuʼthir ʻanhum shiʻr



The History of the Almohades: preceded by a sketch of the history of Spain from the time of the conquest till the reign of Yusof Ibn Teshufin & of the history of the Almoravides by Abdo-l-Wahid al-Marrekoshi, texte.

The History of the Almohades:
  • Dozy, R.P.A. (ed.)
  • Philo Press
  • xxi,290p
  • 1968(1881)
  • Almohades -- Spain -- History المعجب في تلخيص أخبار المغرب عبد الواحد مراكشي [al-Muʹjib fī talkhīs akhbār al-Maghrib] The history of the Almohades : preceded by a sketch of the history of Spain from the times of the conquest till the reign of Yúsof ibn-Téshufín, and of the history of the Almoravides/ by Abdo-'l-Wáhid al-Marrékoshí ; ed. from a manuscript in the University Library of Leyden (by) Reinhart P.A. Dozy



The History of the Maghrib: an interpretive essay. tr. from the French by R. Manheim

The History of the Maghrib: an interpretive essay.
  • Laroui, Abdallah
  • Princeton U.P.
  • viii,431p 古書
  • viii,431p
  • Historiography -- North Africa This survey of North African history challenges both conventional attitudes toward North Africa and previously published histories written from the point of view of Western scholarship. The book aims, in Professor Laroui's words, "to give from within a decolonized vision of North African history just as the present leaders of the Maghrib are trying to modernize the economic and social structure of the country." The text is divided into four parts: the origins of the Islamic conquest; the stages of Islamization; the breakdown of central authority from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries; and the advent of colonial rule. Drawing on the methods of sociology and political science as well as traditional and modern historical approaches, the author stresses the evolution marked by these four stages and the internal forces that affected it. Until now, the author contends, North African history has been written either by colonial administrators and politicians concerned to defend foreign rule, or by nationalist ideologues. Both used an old-fashioned historiography, he asserts, focusing on political events, dynastic conflicts, and theological controversies. Here, Abdallah Laroui seeks to present the viewpoint of a Maghribi concerning the history of his own country, and to relate this history to the present structure of the region.



The Arab Conquest of Spain 710-797. (A History of Spain)

The Arab Conquest of Spain 710-797.
  • Collins, Roger
  • Blackwell
  • xii,243p 古書
  • 1994(89)
  • Arabs -- Spain -- History -- 710-797 This book is a challenging and controversial account of the history of Spain in the eighth century. In it Roger Collins assesses the political and cultural impact on Spain of the first hundred years of Arab rule, focusing upon aspects of continuity and discontinuity with Visigoth Spain. 印あり



Fath al-Andalus : la conquista de al-Andalus. (Fuentes Arabico-Hispanas, 18)

Fath al-Andalus : la conquista de al-Andalus.
  • Molina Martinez, Luis (ed.)
  • CSIS
  • xli,151p 古書
  • 1994
  • Arabs -- Spain -- History -- Early works to 1800 فتح الأندلس Fatḥ al-Andalus : (la conquista de al-Andalus)/ estudio y ed. crít.: Luis Molina Madrid : Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, 1994 Text in Arabic; introd. and commentary in Spanish



Tarikh Ibn Khaldun: al-musamma Diwan al-mubtada' wa al-khabar fi tarikh al-'Arab wa al-Barbar wa man 'asarar-hum min dhawi al-sha'n al-akbar. ed. by Khalil Shihadah & Suhayl Zakkar

Tarikh Ibn Khaldun:
  • Ibn Khaldun, 'Abd al-Rahman
  • Dar al-Fikr
  • 8 vols.
  • 2001
  • Islamic Empire -- Africa, North -- History -- 647-1517 تاريخ بن خلدون عبد الرحمن بن خلدون Taʼrīkh Ibn Khaldūn, al-musammá, Dīwān al-mubtadaʼ wa-al-khabar fī tārīkh al-ʻArab wa-al-Barbar wa-man ʻāṣarahum min dhawī al-shaʼn al-akbar taʼlīf ʻAbd al-Raḥman ibn Khaldūn ; ḍabaṭa al-matn wa-waḍaʻa al-ḥawāshī wa-al-fahāris Khalīl Shiḥādah ; murājaʻat Suhayl Zakkār Vol. 1 has. title: Muqaddimat ibn Khaldūn. Vol. 8 has title :Fahāris taʼrīkh Ibn Khaldūn / ʻidād Khalīl Shaḥatah



Al-Muqaddimah. ed. by 'Abd al-Salam al-Shaddadi

  • Ibn Khaldun
  • Khizanat Ibn Khaldun
  • 3 vols.
  • 2005
  • History -- Civilization -- Philosophy -- Early works to 1800 ‏المقدمة عبد الرحمن بن خلدون al-Muqaddimah ʻAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Khaldūn ; ḥaqqaqahā wa-qaddama la-hā wa-ʻallaqa ʻalayhā ʻAbd al-Salām al-Shaddadī al-Dār al-Bayḍāʼ : Khizānat Ibn Khaldūn, Bayt al-Funūn wa-al-ʻUlūm wa-al-Ādāb, 2005



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