The Ottoman Conquest of the Balkans: interpretations and research debates.. (Sitzungsberichte der philosophisch-historischen Klasse, 872)

The Ottoman Conquest of the Balkans: interpretations and research debates..
  • Schmitt, Oliver Jens (ed.)
  • VOAW
  • 289p.
  • 2016
  • Balkan Peninsula -- History -- Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918 The Ottoman conquest of the Balkans constitutes a major change in European history. Scholarship on the topic is extensive, yet the evidence produced by decades of research is very scattered and lacking comprehensive synthesis, not to mention consensual interpretation. Although major political and military milestones seem to have been investigated thoroughly, there is a notable absence of more theoretical and interpretative approaches that overarch the entire phenomenon rather than merely individual aspects. Scholars have hitherto addressed the topic from various perspectives and employing a wide range of methods, but Byzantine studies, Ottoman studies, Eastern Mediterranean studies and national historiographies in the Balkan countries have yet to establish either a coherent collaboration or a consistent model of interpretation. This volume therefore rather aims at opening and structuring a new heuristic approach and at coordinating a field of studies that is of crucial importance for understanding change in European history.



What is Beyond the River? power, authority, and social order in Transoxania 18th-19th century. (Veröffentlichungen zur Iranistik, 80)

What is Beyond the River? power, authority, and social order in Transoxania 18th-19th century.
  • Wilde, Andreas
  • VOAW
  • 3 vols.
  • 2016
  • Khanate of Bukhara -- Social classes -- History -- 18th-19th century This book investigates the dialectics of power and social order in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Mā Warāʾ al-Nahr from an intrinsic perspective. Relying on a rich corpus of Bukharan primary sources, the study is a work of fundamental research that combines established traditions of social historical research and approaches borrowed from the social sciences. The resulting narrative stretches from the Mongols and Abu’l-Khairids to the eighteenth century and the late Tuqay-Timurids, when the established spatial-administrative framework crumbled into an archipelago of petty Uzbek principalities, chiefdoms and “city states,” continuing with the Manghits and finishing in the late nineteenth century with the colonial penetration. While beginning with a conventional bird’s-eye view of steppe society worldviews and established patterns of authority, the author soon abandons the sole dynastic focus and comes up with a range of local histories. The reader will be acquainted with places like Nūr, Shahr-i Sabz, Tirmidh, Hisār and other areas, which, having been dominated by competing military, religious and economic networks, remained partly outside the sphere of Tuqay-Timurid and later on Manghit authority. A large part of the book addresses the language employed in the chronicles by highlighting the semantics of key terms such as favor, loyalty or obedience. Those concepts are manifest in practices like patronage, mediation and gift exchange. Based on the materials of the Koshbegi Archive, the final part culminates in a range of micro-level studies of various socio-political domains in faraway villages and canal systems. Inspired by relational ideas of power, the analysis enhances our understanding of the factors that were decisive for social interaction in that period. Moreover, it gives fresh impulses to the debate on concepts of power and authority among historians and social scientists.



The 'History of the Kings of the Persians' in Three Arabic Chronicles: the transmission of the Iranian past from late antiquity to early Islam. (Translated Texts for Historians, v. 69)

The 'History of the Kings of the Persians' in Three Arabic Chronicles: the transmission of the Iranian past from late antiquity to early Islam.
  • Hoyland, Robert G. (tr. & intro.)
  • Liverpool U.P.
  • xii,185p
  • 2018
  • Iran -- Kings and rulers -- History -- 640- Translated from the Arabic This book translates the sections on pre-Islamic Persia in three Muslim Arabic chronicles, those of Ahmad al-Ya‘qubi (d. ca. 910), ‘Ali al-Mas‘udi (d. ca. 960) and Hamza al-Isfahani (d. ca. 960s). Their accounts, like those of many other Muslim historians on this topic, draw on texts that were composed in the period 750-850 bearing the title ‘The History of the Kings of the Persians’. These works served a growing audience of well-to-do Muslim bureaucrats and scholars of Persian ancestry, who were interested in their heritage and wished to make it part of the historical outlook of the new civilization that was emerging in the Middle East, namely Islamic civilization. This book explores the question of how knowledge about ancient Iran was transmitted to Muslim historians, in what forms it circulated and how it was shaped and refashioned for the new Perso-Muslim elite that served the early Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad, a city that was built only a short distance away from the old Persian capital of Seleucia-Ctesiphon.



The Revolt of African Slaves in Iraq, in the 3rd/9th century. (Princeton Series on the Middle East)

The Revolt of African Slaves in Iraq, in the 3rd/9th century.
  • Popovic, Alexandre
  • Markus Wiener
  • xiv,207p
  • 2011(1998)
  • Iraq -- History -- Zanji rebellion, 868-883 new intro. by H.L. Gates, Jr., translated from French by Leon King The revolt of African slaves in Iraq from 869 to 883 AD - the revolt of the Zanj - was one of the greatest rebellions in world history and the first major uprising in the history of the African diaspora. In this text Alexandre Popovic offers a study of the revolt and its consequences.



Saydiyeh: resaleh dar bab-e shekar va masa'el-e hoquqi-ye an. ed. by Zanganeh, Reda (Merath-e Qotbshahi, 6)

Saydiyeh: resaleh dar bab-e shekar va masa'el-e hoquqi-ye an.
  • Lesan Tabasi, Hosayn
  • Majma'-e Dhakha'er-e Eslami
  • 18p(en)+296p (facs.)
  • 1393(2014)
  • Islamic law(game law) -- Hunting -- Religious aspects -- Early works to 1800 صىدية : رساله در باب شکار و مسائل فقهى آن Ṣaydīyah : risālah dar bāb-i shikār va masāʼil-i ḥuqūqī-i ān Ḥusayn Lisān Ṭabasī, muqaddamah va taḥqīq-i Riz̤ā Zanganah ; zīr-i naẓar-i, Ivā Ūrtman, Muḥammad Karīmī Zanjānīʹaṣl [Saydīyhe: a Shi'a-Sunni comparative treatise (983/1575) on the hunting and slaughering of animals in Islam/Hosayn b. Rūhollāh Hosaynī Tabasī]



Constructing a Worldview: al-Barqi's role in the making of early Shi'i faith. (Miroir de l'Orient Musulman, 7)

Constructing a Worldview: al-Barqi's role in the making of early Shi'i faith.
  • Vilozny, Roy
  • Brepols
  • 224p.
  • 2017
  • Barqī, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad, -887 or 888 -- Shīʻah -- Doctrines Based on the earliest Shīʽī sources extant, this book seeks to portray the worldview of the Shīʽa prior to the crystallization of their beliefs and doctrines. About a century before the four canonical books of the Shīʽa were composed, Aḥmad b. Muḥammad al-Barqī (d. 888 or 894 CE), a scholar from the city of Qum, compiled a large collection of Imāmī traditions embracing all aspects of religious life, from cosmogony and cosmology to the minutest details of daily life. This compilation, of which only ten percent has come down to us, forms one of the earliest Shīʽī texts extant, and is the basis for Vilozny's delineation of the Shīʽī worldview in this formative, pre-Twelver era. Shīʽī ideology, the author argues, did not grow in a vacuum but resulted from the fusion of Islamic Arab elements with pre-Islamic, mythic and gnostic traditions. The book discusses at length three fundamental notions which permeate every part of al-Barqī's work: the Shīʽa are God's elect; an eternal fierce battle is waged between good and evil on both the universal and individual levels; and the history of humankind, from before creation to the end of time, was predetermined by God. As shown by the author, the Shīʽī attempt to accommodate all three ideas within its world perception often resulted in glaring contradictions to which only partial solutions could be provided at the time.



Mushajjarat al-Sharif 'Ali ibn Mansur al-Karimi: dirasah tarikhiyah nasabiyah. ed. by al-Sharif Hashim bn Ghazi al-Barakati

Mushajjarat al-Sharif 'Ali ibn Mansur al-Karimi: dirasah tarikhiyah nasabiyah.
  • Al-Karimi Barakati, 'Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Mansur
  • Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyah
  • 384p.
  • 2016
  • Arabs -- Islamic empire -- Genealogy -- History مشجرة الشريف علي بن منصور الكريمي لعلي بن احمد بن منصور الكريمي البركاتي ؛ تحقيق ودراسة وتعليق حشيم بن غازي البركاتي Mushajjarat al-sharīf ʻAlī ibn Manṣūr al-Karīmī : dirāsah tārīkhīyah nasabīyah li-ʻAlī ibn Aḥmad ibn Manṣūr al-Karīmī al-Barakātī ; taḥqīq wa-dirāsah wa-taʻlīq Ḥashīm ibn Ghāzī al-Barakātī



Nasab 'Adnan wa Qahtan.

Nasab 'Adnan wa Qahtan.
  • Al-Mubarrad, Muhd. ibn Yazid
  • Al-furat
  • 48p.
  • 2007
  • Arabs -- Genealogy -- Qaḥṭān (Arab tribe) -- ʻAdnān (Arab tribe) -- Early works to 1800 نسب عدنان و قحطان تأليف أبي العباس محمد بن يزيد المبردّ Nasab ʻAdnān wa-Qaḥṭān taʼlīf Abī al-ʻAbbās Muḥammad ibn Yazīd al-Mubarrid



Turfat al-Ashab fi Ma'rifat al-Ansab. ed. by K.W. Zettersteen

Turfat al-Ashab fi Ma'rifat al-Ansab.
  • 'Umar ibn Yusuf Rasul, al-Sultan al-Malik al-Ashraf (d. 1296)
  • Dar Sadir
  • 246p.
  • 1991 repr.
  • Arab countries -- Arabs -- Genealogy -- Early works to 1800 طرفة الأصحاب في معرفة الأنساب صنيف الملك الأشرف عمر بن يوسف بن رسسول Ṭurfat al-aṣḥāb fī maʻrifat al-ansāb taṣnīf al-Malik al-Ašraf ʿUmar b. Yūsuf b. Rasūl ; ḥaqqaqa-hu K.W. Zettersteen



Kitab al-Hawadith wa al-Bida'. ed. by 'A.M. Turki

Kitab al-Hawadith wa al-Bida'.
  • Al-Turtushi, Abu Bakr Muhd. b. al-Walid (m. 520/1126)
  • Dar al-Gharb al-Islami
  • 496p.
  • 1990
  • Islam -- Rituals -- Islamic heresies -- Islamic law (malikite) -- Early works to 1800 كتاب الحوادث والبدع أليف أبو بكر الطرطوشي ؛ حققه على أربع نسخ وقدم له ووضع فهارسه عبد المجيد تركي Kitāb al-Ḥawādith wa-al-bidaʻ taʼlīf Abū Bakr al-Ṭurṭushī ; ḥaqqaqahu ʻalá arbaʻ nusakh wa-qaddama la-hu wa-waḍaʻa fahārisahu ʻAbd al-Majīd Turkī



Kitab al-Tahrish: Kitabu't-Tahris metin ve çeviri. tahkik: Hueyin Hansu ; çev. Mehmet Keskin

Kitab al-Tahrish: Kitabu't-Tahris
  • Dirar b. Amr al-Ghatafani (m. 200/815)
  • Litera Yayincilik
  • xxvii,327p
  • 2014
  • Islamic sects -- Hadith -- Islamic Empire -- History -- Umayyad Dynasty -- Caliphs ‏كتاب التحريش ‏تأليف ضرار بن عمرو الغطفاني (200 هـ-815 م) ؛ حققه د. حسين خسانصو Kitāb al-Taḥrīsh/ Kitabu -tahriş Ḍirār ibn `Amr al-Ghaṭafānī; tahkik: Hüseyin Hansu ; çev. Mehmet Keskin Arabic text with Turkish translation Kitabu't-tahriş: ilk dönem siyasi ve itikadi ihtilaflarında hadis kullanımı see : www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/full/10.1086/690653



Sharh Isaghuji fi al-Mantiq, wa yalay-hi Hashiyah Qalyubi 'ala Muttala' Sharh al-Isaghuji li-Shaykh al-Islam Zakariya al-Ansari

Sharh Isaghuji fi al-Mantiq,
  • Al-Kalanbawi, al-Shaykh Zadah Abu al-Fath Isma'il ibn Mustafa (Gelenbevi Ismail Efendi) (d. 1205 h.)
  • Dar al-Kutub al-'Ilmiyah
  • 287p.
  • 2017
  • Logic -- Early works to 1800 -- Athīr al-Dīn al-Abharī, al-Mufaḍḍal ibn ʻUmar, -- -1265. -- Īsāghūjī شرح ايساغوجي في المنطق : و يليه حاشية قليوبي على المطلع شرح ايساغوجي لشيخ الإسلام زكريا الأنصاري الشيخ زاده أبي الفتح إسماعيل بن مصطفى الكلنبوي Sharḥ Īsāghūjī fī al-manṭiq : wa-yalīhi Ḥāshiyat Qalyūbī ʻalá al-Muṭṭalaʻ Sharḥ Īsāghūjī li-Shaykh al-Islām Zakarīyā al-Anṣārī taṣnīf al-Shaykh Zādah Abī al-Fatḥ Ismāʻīl ibn Muṣṭafá al-Kalanbawī (Gelenbevî İsmail Efendi) ; taṣnīf al-ʻAllāmah Shihāb al-Dīn Aḥmad ibn Salāmah al-Qalyūbī ; dirāsat wa-taḥqīq al-Shaykh Aḥmad Farīd al-Mazīdī



Kitab al-Mawaqif, bi-sharh al-sayyid al-sharif 'ali bn muhammad al-jurjani. ed. by 'A. R. 'Umayrah

Kitab al-Mawaqif, bi-sharh al-sayyid al-sharif 'ali bn muhammad al-jurjani.
  • Al-Iji, Ibn Ahmad (m. 756 h)
  • Dar al-Jil
  • 3 vols.
  • 1997
  • Islamic doctrines -- God -- Early works to 1800 كتاب المواقف تأليف عضد الدين عبد الرحمن بن أحمد الايجي بشرحه المحقق السيد الشريف على بن محمد الجرجاني Kitāb al-Mawāqif taʼlīf ʻAḍud al-Millah wa-al-Dīn ʻAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Aḥmad al-Ījī



The Metaphysics of Tusi Treatise of the proof of a necessary (being), Treatise on determinism and destiny, Treatise on divisions of existents. with text edited by M.T. Mudarris-Radawi

The Metaphysics of Tusi
  • Nasir al-Din Tusi, Morewedge, Parviz (tr.)
  • Global Publications (SSIPS)
  • v,280p 古書
  • 1992
  • Islamic philosophy -- Early works to 1800 -- Ṭūsī, Naṣīr al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad, -- 1201-1274 مجموعه-اى از رسائل خواجه نصير الدين محمد طوسى The metaphysics of Ṭūsī : treatise on the proof of a necessary being, treatise on determinism and destiny, treatise on division of existents Persian text established by the Institute for Cultural Studies ; English translation by Parviz Morewedge, from an edition of M.T. Muḍarris-Raḍawī Parallel text in Persian and English



Safinat al-Bihar, wa madinat al-hikmah wa al-athar.

Safinat al-Bihar, wa madinat al-hikmah wa al-athar.
  • Al-Qummi, 'Abbas (1294-1359 h.)
  • Majma' al-Buhuth al-Islamiyah
  • 4 vols.
  • 1426/1384
  • Shiites -- Hadith -- Indexes -- Biḥār al-anwār (Majlisī, Muḥammad Bāqir ibn Muḥammad Taqī) سفينة البحار ومدينة الحكم والآثار أليف المحدث الخبير الشيخ عباس القمي قدس سره ؛ تحقيق مجمع البحوث الإسلامية Safīnat al-biḥār wa-madīnat al-ḥikam wa-al-āthār taʼlīf al-muḥaddith al-khabīr al-Shaykh ʻAbbās al-Qummī quddisa sirruh ; taḥqīq Majmaʻ al-Buḥūth al-Islāmīyah ; taqdīm wa-ishrāf ʻAlī Akbar Ilāhī Khurāsānī



Kurdistan: the quest for representation and self-determination.

Kurdistan: the quest for representation and self-determination.
  • Riamei, Lungthuiyang
  • KW Publishers
  • xvi,298p ills. maps
  • 2018
  • Kurds -- Ethnic conflict -- Middle East -- Politics and government The book examines the various models which could be acceptable solution to the Kurdish problem in West Asian region. It also evaluates the role of the Kurdish diaspora placing Kurdish issue in the international forum. The Kurdish Peshmerga and YPG militia maintains one of the strongest forces confronting against the ISIS in West Asian region.



The Islamic Connection: South Asia and the Gulf.

The Islamic Connection: South Asia and the Gulf.
  • Jaffrelot, Christophe & Laurence Louer (ed.)
  • Penguin Books (in)
  • xi,303p.
  • 2018
  • Islam -- South Asia -- Relations -- Persian Gulf Region The Indian Ocean, linking Arabia to South Asia, looms as the test case for Muslim networks, yet the profile of Indo-Islamic civilization remains contested between Saudi Salafis, Pakistani Sufis, and also Iranian Shi'ites. This pioneering volume provides a welcome transnational, comparative analysis of multiple case studies, at once historical and contemporary.



Accumulation by Segregation: Muslim localities in Delhi.

Accumulation by Segregation: Muslim localities in Delhi.
  • Jamil, Ghazala
  • Oxford U.P. (India)
  • xii,240p
  • 2017
  • Muslims -- Group identity -- India -- Delhi -- Social conditions Based on ethnographical study of Muslim neighbourhoods, this work argues that it is not merely communal discrimination and prejudice that causes formation of segregated Muslim enclaves. Through an intricately weaved argument the text explains that rather than being excluded from the city, the Muslim areas contain a segment of immobile labour and capital that are uniquely positioned for exploitation in the globalised world. Segregated spaces provide for accumulation in favour of other spaces in the city Section A : accumulation by segregation -- Section B : Discursive bases of segregation -- Section C : Counter-discourses --



Secular States, Religious Politics: India, Turkey, and the future of secularism.

Secular States, Religious Politics: India, Turkey, and the future of secularism.
  • Bose, Sumantra
  • Cambridge U.P.
  • xi,380p
  • 2018
  • Secularism -- Political aspects -- Turkey -- India A pioneering comparative study of the two major attempts to build secular states - where the state's constitutional identity and fundamental character are not based on or derived from any religious faith - in the non-Western world. This book explains the origins, evolution and latterly the decline of secularism as a core principle of the state in India and Turkey. The discontents of secularism -- Paths to the secular state -- Paradoxes of the secular state -- India : the anti-secularist ascendancy -- Turkey : the anti-secularist triumph -- Secular and anti-secular authoritarianisms -- The futures of secularism --



Timur ve Timuriler Devrinde Semerkand. tr. by Sabur Rasol, haz. Ilyas Kemaloglu (T.T.K. IV/A-1.12. Dizi-sa. 6)

Timur ve Timuriler Devrinde Semerkand.
  • Yakubovskiy, Aleksandra
  • TTK
  • xiii,92p photos.
  • 2018
  • Samarqand (Uzbekistan) -- History Timur ve Timurîler Devrinde Semerkand/ Aleksandr Yakubovskiy / Çev: Sabur Rasol / Yay. Haz.: İlyas Kemaloğlu [Samarkand pri Timure i Timuridakh] Leningrad 1933 * ORTA ASYA SİYAÎ VAZİYET * ÇAĞATAY DEVLETİ'NDE ORDU VE HARP TEÇHİZATI * TİMUR DÖNEMİNDE SEMERKAND'DA ZANAAT VE İMAR FAALİYETLERİ * TİMUR DÖNEMİ YAPILARI * ŞAH-I ZİNDE * TİMUR (BİBİ HANIM) CAMİSİ * GÛR-I MİR. TİMUR TÜRBESİ * ULUĞ BEY ZAMANINDA SEMERKAND



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