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Navya-Nyaya Philosophy of Language. Navya-Nyaya Philosophy of Language. Toshihiro Wada x,116p DK Printworld 2020 1,584円 Navya Nyāya -- Language and logic -- Gaṅgeśa, active 13th century -- Tattvacintāmaṇi This book represents the philosophy of language in Navya-Nyaya, based upon an analysis of the “Verbal Suffix Chapter” (Akhyatavada) of Gangesha’s Tattvacintamani. Since this chapter elaborates what kind of verbal understanding is generated and discusses related issues, the book demonstrates the main features of that philosophy of language and serves as a good introduction to that. The analysis mainly deals with Gangesha, but in some cases it refers to Raghunatha. Since the book is an attempt to pursue philological exactness and philosophical analysis, it is hoped to interest not only Sanskrit scholars, but also philosophers in general.
The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy of Language. The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy of Language. Graheli, Alessandro (ed.) ix,475p Bloomsbury Academic 2020 24,882円 Language and languages -- Indic Philosophy The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Philosophy of Language presents a systematic survey of philosophy of language in the Indian tradition, providing an up-to-date research resource for better understanding the history and future direction of the field. Each chapter addresses a particular philosophical problem from the viewpoint of seminal traditions and specific thinkers. Covering the philosophical insight on language found in the mainstream philosophies of Vyakarana, Mima?sa, Nyaya, Vedanta, Buddhism, and Alankarasastra, the chapters tackle crucial semantic and pragmatic questions such as the relation of the speaker to reality, the use of metalanguage, the distinction between sentences, elliptic statements, and figurative usages, and the impact of textual structures on the philosophical message. Complete with further reading suggestions and an annotated bibliography, this collection makes an important contribution to both Eastern and Western contemporary philosophy of language
Controversial Reasoning in Indian Philosophy: Controversial Reasoning in Indian Philosophy: Keating, Malcom (ed.) xv,343p Bloomsbury Academic 2020 16,269円 Reasoning -- Hindu logic -- Buddhist logic Arthâpatti is a pervasive form of reasoning investigated by Indian philosophers in order to think about unseen causes and interpret ordinary and religious language. Its nature is a point of controversy among Mimamsa, Nyaya, and Buddhist philosophers, yet, to date, it has received less attention than perception, inference, and testimony. This collection presents a one-of-a-kind reference resource for understanding this form of reasoning studied in Indian philosophy. Assembling translations of central primary texts together with newly-commissioned essays on research topics, it features a significant introductory essay. Readable translations of Sanskrit works are accompanied by critical notes that introduce arthâpatti, offer historical context, and clarify the philosophical debates surrounding it.
The Bhamati: a gloss on Shankara Bhashya. The Bhamati: a gloss on Shankara Bhashya. Vachaspati Misra 2 vols. Chaukhambha Sanskrit Sansthan 2010 (2nd) 2,574円 Vedanta -- Advaita -- Śankarācārya. -- Śārīrakamīmāṃsābhāṣya --Bādarāyaṇa. -- Brahmasūtra Bhāmatī : Brahmasūtraśānkarabhāṣyavyākhyā/ Vācaspatimiśraviracitā ; Ḍhuṇḍhirājaśāstriṇā saṅkalitā viṣamasthalaṭippaṇyā samalaṅkr̥tā tenaiva Saṃskr̥tā ca. [Bhāmatī : a gloss on Shānkara Bhāshya]
Vedic and Indo-European Studies. Vedic and Indo-European Studies. Kazanas, Nicholas xxxiii,380p Aditya Prakashan 2015 4,950円 Vedic language -- Indo-European languages -- Grammar -- Rgveda -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Almost all the studies in this volume deal with subjects of Vedic and I(ndo-)E(uropean) provenance, i.e. relations of Vedic with Greek, Latin etc. and the fabricated Proto-Indo-European itself. Moreover, all the essays kick off from the RV (Rgveda). They move centripetally from the RV to the diverse areas of Anthropology, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Poetry and Religion, examining one or other aspect from a new perspective and leading to new unexpected conclusions. When the evidences from Sanskrit and the RV are cosidered, the current theories about, for instance, the origin and development of language and religion are seen to be faulty and in need of thorough revision.
Śaivism and the Tantric Tradition: essays in honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson. Śaivism and the Tantric Tradition: essays in honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson. Goodall, D., S. Hatley, H. Isaacson & S. Raman (ed.) xxxiv,598p Brill 2020 22,814円 Śaivism -- Kashmir Śaivism -- Tantrism -- History Academic study of the tantric traditions has blossomed in recent decades, in no small measure thanks to the magisterial contributions of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson, until 2015 Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at Oxford University. This collection of essays honours him and touches several fields of Indology that he has helped to shape (or, in the case of the Śaiva religions, revolutionised): the history, ritual, and philosophies of tantric Buddhism, Śaivism and Vaiṣṇavism; religious art and architecture; and Sanskrit belles lettres. Grateful former students, joined by other experts influenced by his scholarship, here offer papers that make significant contributions to our understanding of the cultural, religious, political, and intellectual histories of premodern South and Southeast Asia. Contributors are: Peter Bisschop, Judit Törzsök, Alex Watson, Isabelle Ratié, Christopher Wallis, Péter-Dániel Szántó, Srilata Raman, Csaba Dezső, Gergely Hidas, Nina Mirnig, John Nemec, Bihani Sarkar, Jürgen Hanneder, Diwakar Acharya, James Mallinson, Csaba Kiss, Jason Birch, Elizabeth Mills, Ryugen Tanemura, Anthony Tribe, and Parul Dave-Mukherji
Critique of Indian Realism: the philosophy of Nyaya-Vaisesika and its conflict with the Buddhist Dignaga school. Critique of Indian Realism: the philosophy of Nyaya-Vaisesika and its conflict with the Buddhist Dignaga school. Shastri, Dharmendra Nath xxxii,562p The Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan 2020 repr. 7,920円 Philosophy, Indic -- Nyaya-Vaiśeṣika -- Dignaga -- Realism Critique of Indian realism : the philosophy of Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika and its conflict with the Buddhist Dignāga School/ Dharmendra Nath Shastri ; with a foreword by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan The book is best described as a full and persuasive account of the inside story of the Nyāya-Vaisesika Realism. Dr. Shastri presents this important system of Indian thought from a new perspective, from its long encounter with the Buddhist school of Dignāga and Dharmakīrti. Reprint of first edition published in 1964 under the title: Critique of Indian realism. Revision of D.Litt thesis, Agra University, 1956.
Yajnavalkya Dharmasastra: the textual history of a Hindu legal code. Yajnavalkya Dharmasastra: the textual history of a Hindu legal code. Olivelle, Patrick (critically ed.) xiv,448p xiv,448p 2020 6,316円 Yājñavalkya -- Yājñavalkyasmr̥ti -- Hindu law Yājñavalkya dharmaśāstra : the textual history of a Hindu legal code/ critically edited by Patrick Olivelle The treatise became the most influential legal text in medieval India, and, as interpreted by the twelfth century commentator Vijnanesvara, came to be considered ‘the law of the land’ under British rule. In spite of its recognized importance for the ancient and medieval legal traditions, the Sanskrit text has never before been critically edited. This critical edition, along with the translation published in the Murty Classical Library of India, open to modern readers both the ‘golden age’ of the Guptas and a central text in the long and distinguished Indian legal tradition.
Linguistic Studies in Sanskrit Grammar. Linguistic Studies in Sanskrit Grammar. Banerjee, Satya Ranjan vi,127p Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar 2013 1,188円 Sanskrit -- Grammar -- Linguistics 1. Sanskrit Studies and Research Methodology, 2. Morphophonemic Alterations in Pānini's Śivasūtra, 3. On the Conception of Language and Phonetics in Indian Tradition vis-a-vis Greek and Latin authors, 4. The Speculative Grammarians in the Middle Ages, 5. Dionysius Thrax and Pānini on Grammar, 6. Was R dental in Sanskrit?, 7. On Sa meaning 'one' in Sanskrit, 8. Sir William Jones
Dhaturupakalpadruma, text with English intoduction Dhaturupakalpadruma, text with English intoduction Unni, N.P. (ed. with an intro.) xvii,549p New Bharatya Book 2020 4,752円 Sanskrit language -- Verbs -- Roots Dhāturūpakalpadruma = Dhāturūpa-kalpadrumaḥ/ edited with an introduction by Dr. N.P. Unni The work refered to by the author of "Dhāturūpakalpadruma" authored by Sāyana is really the famous known as "Madhavīya Dhātubritti" - sometimes called first "Dhvātuvritti". The work illustrates the Dhātus in the order in which they are given in the Pāninīya dhatupātha and followed in the Mādhavīyādhatuvritti.
L'Espace du Sens: approches de la philologie Indienne/ The Space of Meaning: approaches to Indian philosophy. L'Espace du Sens: approches de la philologie Indienne/ The Space of Meaning: approaches to Indian philosophy. D'Intino, Silvia & Sheldon Pollock (ed.) x,579p College de France, Institut de Civilisation Indienne 2018 9,653円 Indic philology -- Sanskrit -- Languages L’espace du sens. Approches de la philologie indienne : The Space of Meaning. Approaches to Indian Philology/ sous la direction de Silvia d'Intino & Sheldon Pollock ; avec la collaboration de Michaël Meyer
Karakatattvasamgrahah Karakatattvasamgrahah Das, Karunasindhu (gen. ed.) xxvi,267p The Asiatic Society 2020 3,960円 Pāṇini -- Aṣṭādhyāyī -- Sanskrit language -- Grammar Kārakatattvasaṅgrahaḥ = Kārakatattvasaṃgrahaḥ : a collection of some post-Pāṇinian grammatical works on Kāraka relations/ general editor, Karunasindhu Das A collection of some post-Pāṇinian grammatical works on Kāraka relations. In Sanskrit; introduction in English Part 1. Kārakacandrikā and Madhumatī / edited by Rita Bhattacharya -- part 2. Ṣaṭkārakaṭippanī and Kārakatattva / edited by Sumita Chatterjee -- part 3. Kātantra Aṣṭādhyāyī and Kātantra pariśiṣṭa / edited by Silpi Adhikari --
Srimad Bhagavadgita: with 21 rare Sanskrit commentaries in origical calligraphy Srimad Bhagavadgita: with 21 rare Sanskrit commentaries in origical calligraphy   11 vols. Shri Ranbir Sanskrit Research Institute/ Motilal 2021 343,035円 Bhagavadgītā -- Commentaries Śrīmadbhagavadgītā = Śrīmad Bhagavadgītā : with 21 rare commentaries in original Sanskrit calligraphy commissioned by Maharaja Ranbir Singh of Jammu & Kashmir foreword by Dr. Karan Singh ; comprehensive introduction by Kamal K. Mishra (PhD) The present set of eleven volumes will bring together 20 commentaries of the BG, many of which are unpublished commentaries contributed by great scholars : Sankaracaryarya (8th AD), Ananda Rajanak (820-890 AD), Rajanaka Ramkanth's Sarvatobhadra (850 AD), Abhinavagupta (950-1016 AD), Ramanujacarya (1017-1137 AD), Madhvacarya (1199-1278 AD), Hanumat/Pisaca bhasya, Anandagiri (1238-1317 AD), Suryapaandit (14th AD), Sadananda (15th AD), Madhusudana Sarasvati (1540-1640 AD), Sridhara Svami (15th AD), Nilakantha (16th AD), Kesavabhatta Kasmiran (16th AD), Vanmali Misra (1685 AD), Girdhari Das (17th AD), Rajanaka Laksmirama (17th AD), Pancholi, Ramcandra Saraswati, Jagdisvara Vedpathi (19th AD), Hindi bhasya, Doha (19th AD)
Bhaviveka on Samkhya and Vedanta: the Samkhya and Vedanta chapters on the Madhyamakahrdayakarika and Tarkajvala. Bhaviveka on Samkhya and Vedanta: the Samkhya and Vedanta chapters on the Madhyamakahrdayakarika and Tarkajvala. Qvarnstr:om, Olle 2015 Harvard U.P. 2015 7,321円 Bhāvaviveka. -- Mādhyamakahr̥daya -- Tarkajvāla -- Mādhyamika (Buddhism) -- Early works to 1800 Bhāviveka on Sāṃkhya and Vedānta : the Sāṃkhya and Vedānta chapters of the Madhyamakahṛdayakārikā and Tarkajvālā/ by Olle Qvarnström ; (with Tibetological assistance by Professor Per K. Sørensen) For anyone interested in an epoch of almost unrivaled intellectual activity and debate in India, the sixth-century Madhyamakahrdayakārikā along with its auto-commentary, the Tarkajvālā, is an indispensable resource. This partly doxographical treatise, composed by the Madhyamaka philosopher Bhāviveka, is the earliest and most substantial work to present and critically examine Śrāvaka, Yogācāra, Sāmkhya, Vaiśesika, Vedānta, and Mīmāmsā in great detail. Bhāviveka’s text is of unique value in its attempt to identify a Madhyamaka approach to other schools of philosophy as well as in furnishing us with valuable information regarding early Indic systematic philosophy, including what appear to be extracts from original sources that are otherwise unavailable. Most probably it served as a Madhyamaka debate manual for those engaged in discussion with representatives of opposing philosophical schools. Bhāviveka’s treatment of Sāmkhya and Vedānta is of particular importance because of the scarcity of sources pertaining to the early formation and development of these systems of philosophy. The present book includes a critical edition and English translation of the Sāmkhya and Vedānta chapters of the Madhyamakahrdayakārikā and Tarkajvālā along with a historical introduction.
Vaikhanasa Mantra Pra,sna V-VIII (Daivikacatustayam) Vaikhanasa Mantra Pra,sna V-VIII (Daivikacatustayam) Resnick, Hopward 1122p Harvard U.P. 2019 15,455円 Vaikhānasa-mantra-praśna V-VIII : (Daivikacatuṣṭayam)/ Howard Resnick The Vaikhānasas are mentioned in many Vedic texts, and they maintain a close affiliation with the Taittirīya school of the Kṛṣṇa Yajur Veda. Yet they are Vaiṣṇavas, monotheistic worshipers of Viṣṇu. Generally, Vaiṣnavism is held to be a post-Vedic development. Thus, the Vaikhānasas bridge two key ages in the history of South Asian religion. This text contains many quotations from ancient Vedic literature, and probably some other older original material, as well as architectural and iconographical data of the later first millennium CE. The Vaikhānasas remain relevant today. They are the chief priests (arcakas) in more than half of the Viṣṇu temples in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka—including the renowned Hindu pilgrimage center Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.
A Concise Dictionary of Rgveda. A Concise Dictionary of Rgveda. Gopal, Ram xvi,688p Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Inst. 2020 4,950円 Vedic language -- Dictionaries -- English Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India : Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute
Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft. Sanskrit Dictionary of Law and Statecraft. Olivelle, Patrick (ed.) xxiv,448p pap. Primus 2019(15) 2,752円 Kauṭalya. -- Arthaśāstra -- Law -- Sanskrit -- Dictionaries This dictionary contains technical terms used in Sanskrit texts of ancient and medieval India dealing with law and statecraft within Dharmaśāstra and Arthaśāstra
Yoga in the Three Indian Philosophical Schools and Integral Yoga. Yoga in the Three Indian Philosophical Schools and Integral Yoga. Bhate, Niranjana xx,259p Munshiram 2020 3,544円 Yoga -- Veda -- Upanisads -- Jainism -- Buddhism 1. Yoga in the Vedas and the Upanisads, 2. Yoga in the Buddhism (pt. 1: Hīnayāna), 3. Yoga in the Buddhism (pt. 2: Mahāyāna), 4. The Jaina Yoga, 5. The Pātañjala Yoga, 6. Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo, Mantrayoga, Tantrayoga, Hathayoga, Nāthayoga) 7. Comparison and Conclusion
Sabdartharatna of Taranatha Tarkavacaspati: Sabdartharatna of Taranatha Tarkavacaspati: Parecattil, Jojo xxvii,489p Pratibha Prakashan 2013 15,424円 Bhaṭṭācārya, Tārānātha Tarkavācaspati, 1812-1885. -- Śabdārtharatna -- Sanskrit language -- Dictionaries -- Word formation Śabdārtharatna of Tārānātha Tarkavācaspati : a critical study with English translation Includes text of Sabdartharatna in Sanskrit with English translation
Samkhya Darsana: text with commentaries: Samkhya Darsana: text with commentaries: Singh, Kiran 2 vols. New Bharatiya Book 2015 9,900円 Samkhya -- Indian philosophy Sāmkhya Darśana : text with commentries : Sāmkhya-pravachana Sūtram with the Vrtti of Aniruddha and the Bhāsya of Vijnānabhiksu and extracts from the Vittesāra of Mahādeva Vedāntin, Tattva Samāsa, Sāmkhyakarika, Panchsikhāsūtram and tranlated & Sanskrit text of Sāmkhya Pravachana Bhāsya

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